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Living Room

3D Design

Architectural and mechanical.

Very Short animations can be found below:

Approaching the Pride of Cucamonga
Subsea Wellhead
Syd Mead's VEX on Mars
Phone Booth Bathroom Kraftmaid Island Kraftmaid Kitchen Kraftmaid Kitchen
Hoverrbike gauges G-44 Widgeon G-44 Widgeon G-44 Widgeon Render 2000 YO Trike
Robot Fun Right Robot Fun Render Hoverbike raw Hoverbike Hoverbike
Syd Meads VEX top Syd Meads VEX on Mars Beer Glasses Robot Fun Robot Fun Left
Cabinet Rolleiflex Automat Rolleiflex Automat Syd Meads VEX Syd Meads VEX Rear
Colony Ship Colony Ship Room Render Wire Frame Back Patio Back Patio Rev
Pride of Cucamonga Port Pride of Cucamonga Pride of Cucamonga Starboard Colony Ship Colony Ship
Garage Apt Garage Apt Roome Render Final Naval Space Command Cruiser Naval Space Command Cruiser
Studio Shed Floor Plan Garage Apt Garage Apt X-ray Garage Apt Garage Apt
Garage Apt 3rd Floor Garage Apt 2nd Floor Garage Apt 1st Floor Studio Shed Studio Shed
Subsea Wellhead Subsea Wellhead SROV SROV SROV
1932 Ray Gun 1932 Ray Gun Park Pavillion Park Pavillion Park Pavillion
      Wooden Train Wodden Train
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